Avery Edison (humor writer, comedian)

born in scotland in 1988, lived in england until 2009, then toronto for three years with her girlfriend and four cats, then back to london, england, used to be a boy until medical science set things right, has bipolar disorder and is dealing with it just fine thanks for asking, thinks she reads more books than she actually does, eats way too many maltesers, learned to unicycle in high school because she wasn't being bullied enough, likes to play call of duty and peggle, spends a lot of time on the internet, is trying hard not to care if you dislike her

Print Is Over (something from a little while back)

A few years ago I made a sort-of prototype of Framed Egg, and released it as a thank-you to various fans and friends who'd donated to buy me a new laptop.

Print Is Over is still up, and I think it's still pretty funny.

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